Monday, March 22, 2010

Market Yourself Monday

I've just joined Sumo's Market yourself Monday. Here are the melted crayon shapes I have been working on since being encouraged by bloggers and friends Kelly and Stacey (plus family).
I've already blogged about finding some of my silicon pans at Thrifttown, but found the little hearts in the most odd place and for cheap-cheap: Urban Outfitters! The large hearts are real tins from Abode. Cheap crayons were found 64 for 1.00 at Big Lots. Another weird factoid is that one of the light blue colors from this off-brand of crayons turns red when heated! You can purchase these cute reshaped, sturdy crayons on Etsy for use at any party. I think writing greetings and well-wishes on a paper tablecloth would be a fun activity and nice keepsake for any event! I take special and customized orders!
Also, I've got to share a laugh. I talked before about my rocker son. To his chagrin (and ESPECIALLY mine!)his band, Bird Eater, is often introduced as "the spawn of Satan." I am not Satan, despite the rumors! They have recently done work to help save homeless pets. A radio station did a spot about them, but called the band "Bird Feeder." That really makes me giggle since it definitely takes the hard edge right away from them. Imagine Ed Sullivan screwing up the names of the bands he introduced: "And now, ladies and gentlemen, The Beach Toys! Ladle of Filth! The Beagles! The Rolling Bones (hey! that kinda' fits!).
Another reason for misnaming the band might have bee because the DJ thought, "No way could animal lovers be called Bird Eater! Imagine...actually eating birds!?! Their name MUST be animal friendly! Bird Feeder is PERFECT!

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