Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How do you pronounce "Crayons"?

I love playing with language and realized lately that people say the word "crayons" differently depending on where they are from. "Crans" was almost as popular as my pronunciation "cray-ons". You can try this with words like "garage," "mountains," "ignorant," even "caught vs. cot."

Might have something to do with a "Utah or Mormonese accent."

Anyway....one of the schools I worked for had a little griddle type apparatus used to melt crayons on paper. The kids loved it and I always wished I had time to play with it, too. So, I invented my own version. (I am always re-inventing the wheel, so this is probably a well-known invention to everyone but me) I covered an electric pancake griddle with tin foil and set the thing on low. Then, placing my paper on the surface, I began to draw with my cran, I mean crayon. At first, it was hit and miss. I was able to make patterns and simple shapes. With practice, I was able to actually draw. Sometimes I added outline with marker or sprinkled glitter as an accent. Elmers' chunky glitter glue is fabulous fun! The finished product needs to be sealed with modpodge, especially if you use a greasier crayon like oil pastels.

There is something so soothing about the feeling of the melting crayon...much like popping bubble wrap.


  1. I have an artista! my daughter Is all about art. She got that from her dad. She constantly amazes us with her skills. We are definitely going to let her do the melting crayon art. I think I will have to go down to the DI and see if I can find an old griddle for her. By the way ashton says Cray - ons, Elyssa says Crans.

  2. Hi Jo,
    When I moved to Utah years ago I was confused by the pronunciation of certain words. "I live in Lay-on" is my all-time favorite. There are just too many to list....

    Second Hand Chicks