Friday, March 5, 2010

Comment in the form of a question, please.

My poor, darling husband has his nose operated on today. Shortly after we met as teenagers, he broke his nose working on his car (he thinks it will make him look dumb if I tell you that he was pulling his steering wheel). He's had trouble with it since, but just now got around to getting it fixed. Nothing like surgery to make you think about how much you care about someone.

He does have at least one fault, though. He comments in the form of questions, and questions I don't know the answers to. "Doesn't that car run on 6 cylinders?" "How much are waterheaters at Sears?" "Wasn't that guy we just saw a vagrant at one time?" I usually shrug my shoulders but I am really thinking in a shrill irritated voice, "Heck if I know!!!!"

I have told him he should begin these questions he knows I can't answer with "I wonder if....?" Then I wouldn't feel so pressured to come up with an answer to his strange inquiries.

But after today, a full day of worrying and watching over my miserable honey, I can bring myself to just hum the tune of the tone of voice we use when we say "I don't know," without thinking bad words in Spanish at the same time, or punching him in his newly reconstructed nose.


  1. Hi, I emailed not sure if you received it. I would love to send you the first tree of life giveaway, just e-mail which one you prefer, copper or silver and address, my email is

  2. You have such a great sense of humor, I really enjoyed reading a few of your posts. So very funny! Thank Goodness for people like you. I could not stop laughing, specially because I'm very good at visualizing things.
    The boys: 7, 10, 46(hubby)kept looking over at me funny, they probably think I've gone bananas.
    I hope your husband has a speedy recovery.

    Thanks for visiting me, stop by any time.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Love your sense of humour! Hope your husband gets better very quickly. My other half has been in hospital recently, sometimes you don't realise how much you appreciate them until they're not there looking after you!