Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pendant Giveaway for New Friends-Closed

My old neighborhood in Kearns had a shortage of little kids.  When my oldest daughter was about three she used to go to the fence and call out, "Friends! Friends!"  I feel kind of like that.  I offered 5 pendants recently to the next five people to follow my blog.  I have had three lovely takers, but still have two pendants left.
Friends, friends, all you have to do is sign in to follow my blog and then email me so that I can get your address!  These are the choices that remain. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Paper Flower Wreath

On the blog http://madebynicole.blogspot.com/ , there is a tutorial on how to make a wonderful painted paper towel wreath.  I can't believe how many comments this gal has gotten over how fabulous her creation is!  I had to try it, too, but gave it my own twist.  I used white v-shaped coffee filters and melted various crayon colors on them and then sprinkled part with crystalline glitter.  The rest I painted with pink and red water colors.  After drying, I cut the paper into six-petaled flowers of various sizes.  I also through in some burlap flowers like Nicole.  I glued the paper flowers together using hot glue and adhered a large adhesive gem in the centers.  I covered the dollar store wreath with burlap and then glued the flowers on the burlap.
I put the wreath around a ceramic vase I have that used to have a wreath of autumn colors around it.  The change is refreshing! I still want to try to use paper towels like Nicole did, but melting the crayons is always fun, too.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shabby Rose Pendants

After creating several of the shabby roses that you can see in a former tutorial post, I had the idea of making these into necklaces and earrings.  They turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!  A local craftstore was closing, to my chagrin, so I bought a lot of my materials on closeout.  The bases are made of flat wooden disks.  I got a rather large bag with three different sizes, and each works well as a base.  First, I glued some tulle scraps and some cute leaves in strategic positions, then the tulle spirals.  On the back of the wooden disk, I glued a flat gold charm through which to loop your chain. 
You can find these on Etsy. 
Oh, and I still have glass pendants to send to the next two people who sign up as a follower!  I am so excited that one I have given away went to a lady in Slovakia. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I won the job lotto

I was just reading a sister-blogger's post (Almost Josephina) about veering off our planned life path.  I can relate.  I waited to go back to college until my kids were pretty much grown up. I enjoyed the experience and graduated with honors in 2004 at the ripe old age of , ahem, "my mid-forties."  Then, I had a stroke.  I continued to work for three years after the event, but jr. high kids are a bit much for someone with a few physical hurdles to deal with.  I now have a tic I can't get rid of. 
I had felt bad about "wasting my education," but have stumbled upon my calling, I think.  I have begun to teach occassional English classes to Spanish speaking adults.  The hours and pay are great, and my students no longer hate me.  People from Latin America think teachers are the bomb, and I get treated like a princess.  When they arrive at my class they smile and say hello, then actually take notes, ask questions, laugh at my jokes, and even sometimes ask for homework and tests.  Before they leave they erase my board and put it away, sometimes they even kiss me and leave scarlet lipstick all over my cheeks.  In other words, veering off my life's planned path hasn't turned out so badly.  God promises that the steps of a righteous person are ordered by no one other than Himself, so every now and then it doesn't hurt to go with the flow instead of fighting it.  We never know what new adventure or learning experience is around the bend.

Friday, April 16, 2010

PDCC Black, White, Orange

A crown fit for a princess for the Play Date Cafe's Black, White, and splash of orange challenge.  I made this with a recycled padded plastic placemat, decorative paper, a vintage image, and pretty orange and white and black ribbon.  I am loving making these party hats, wands, crowns, and masks.  The placemats go far and have so many uses.  One of my favorites is as a template.  Easy to store and unbendable!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi, My Name is Jo and I'm a Hypocrite!


One of my pet peeves is watching someone cook, paint, or demonstrate messy activities on tv in beautiful clothes without wearing an apron.  I think to myself: Katy is going to drag that sleeve right through that turquoise paint!...or....C'mon, Lidia, you don't want olive oil spots on that silk blouse!.... Oh, no! Martha is going to get her chain caught in that embossing machine and choke herself!  But, it NEVER happens.  They end the show as pristine looking as they started.  Even their hands are clean. 
Not me.  As I've written before, I live in a land of gitter...and now, of stains.  I've ruined my final good pair of jeans!  Can we say (or spell) HYPOCRITE?  I wasn't wearing an apron. The minute I caught my hot glue gun in midair and gave myself a nasty burn on my left middle finger, my first thought was to my jeans.  I saw the glitter glue arc in front of me and land in my lap.  Didn't burn me there, thank God, but I knew that was going to leave a mark.  Then, my finger began to hurt.  I haven't been able to use my hand for two days.  I have never had such a deep blister that hurt so bad!  But, my jeans!  My beautiful jeans are ruined!
Why wasn't I wearing an apron?  Well, I craft off and on all day.  If I want to be protected I'd have to wear the ugly thing all day.  I got it at The DownEast Outfitters in West Valley.  It is a horrific yellow and it has the name Rosalinda embroidered on it.   That's why I bought it.  It's ok to stain the thing.  If it was pretty I would like it better but wouldn't wear it because I would ruin it.  There is just no winning...unless you are the proud mother of the above baby who is wearing a wig to protect his wee head.  Isn't he?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Giveaway Contest: Win!

I have  posted 50 times!  In celebration, the next five people who sign up as followers, then email me at lucerojo@gmail.com can choose one of the following pendants made with with large glass garden stones, a modpodged pic with gold paint on the back, and various findings firmly adhered with Goop Glue:
(Little Girl)
(Sitting profile)
(Greek profile)
(Pearled Spoon handle pendant)
(Simple profile)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ooga Booga Fairy Princess Wands

There is one phrase I can use to drive my adult children mad.  Ooga-booga.  When they were young they always seemed to come up with requests impossible for me to fulfill.  Example: One-half hour before dinner the conversation would go this way:
Raggamuffin: Mommy, my tummy hurts because it is so hungry.
Mommy Dearest:Well, dinner's almost ready.
RM: My tummy can't wait!
(This is where I would pull out my fairy wand loaded with fairy dust and chant)
MD: Ooga-Booga.
I thought this worked since they would stop crying and look at me like I lost my mind, but they were really building up resentment and focusing it upon the magic words, "Ooga-booga."  There is this little devil inside of me that likes to say this just to get a rise out of my adult kids to this day!
You, too, can have a fairy wand and recite these powerful magic words.  My wands are now for sale on e-bay.  Believe me, they are a mother's best friend.  (Or maybe you would just like to buy them as party favors.  Just sayin').
These are made, once again, with the famous plastic padded placemats, hot glue glitter, along with whatever decorative paper and meaningful embellishments that you choose.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shabby Rose Tutorial

An easy way to make a shabby rose embellishment is to buy a packet of wood pieces in the shape of this elipse.
Next, thread hole almost all the way through with tule cut 15" by 2", and tie a short knot on one side.

Using hot glue, secure twisted tule from inner to outer edge.
Rub pastel color over tule and spray with Aquanet hairspray to secure.  Cut the little tail from the back side of the wood. Glue the base of the wood onto your surface to embellish.
Each rose takes less than 5 minutes to create and the cost is low for tule, the wood pieces, and the hot glue-Maybe less than 50 cents each.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Playdate Cafe Challenge Lavender, Plum, Cream

I can relate with this picture that I created from a vintage image and melted crayon for the Play Date Cafe Challenge.  For a long time, my children and I were the only church-goers and real believers in both families.  My church was rather strict and sometimes the choices I made to follow what I thought was right was met with surprise, and sometimes arguments, not only by the kids, but by the rest of the family.   I felt that The Simpson's was a very adult program under the guise of a cartoon, so the kids couldn't watch. I could just hear my kids calling me by my first name and telling me to "Eat their shorts."  I wouldn't let my oldest daughter wear the flashy outfits and high heels that she so greatly desired.  I would tell her they were not appropriate, but her ears often heard, "You dress like a sl*t." When I first heard the song "I like Big Butts," I mentioned to my sisters -in-law that I would not allow my kids to listen to that kind of music or go to rock concerts.  IAll three seemed angry with me and told me my kids would resent me. Sometimes I'm sure they hated me, but I wanted to make sure that their childhoods were just that....childhoods.   As soon as they became adults, I had to trust that the decisions they would make for themselves would be right for them, and they are busy doing just that.  They haven't had kids yet, so maybe they still think I was being mean.  Maybe later, when the precious grandbabies start coming, they will find that it is difficult balancing a very overpowering adult world with their job of keeping their children safe and innocent as long as possible, while being examples to them at the same time.  Parents are very much like guardian angels on earth, tripping over their own wings!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm No Dunce!

I have moved on from just creating masks.  Now I am adding crowns, wands, and party hats.  I don't know what to call this style of hat.  Dunce caps?  Maid Marion hats?  Medieval crowns? I had to google it and found out it is called a "hennin hat."  Hmmm, who knew? I found an ordinary, and quite flimsy child's party hat at The Dollar Store and pulled off the sparkly tinsel around the base and sticking out of the top of the hat.  I used pieces of Specialty Papers called "Nursery Tales" from Prima Marketing Inc. featuring Alice in Wonderland images.  The layer of glue and the paper stiffened the hat, so it is no longer flimsy, but quite strong.  I then added the ribbon and lace and flower embellishments and printed off my favorite quotes from both the book and movie.  I hid (or emphasized the paper piecing with thin sticks of hot glue glitter.  Wow, these work very well and made less of a mess than regular glitter! My husband is tired of wearing glitter to work at the mine.  He even accused me of making the dog sick because she might have licked up glitter with her food.  Gosh, it's not that bad.  I looked pretty closely at her sick pile, and no glitter!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

JWJJ The Sequel

JWJJ stands for junquing with junquey junk for those of you who are not into all the text messaging abbreviations. (I still think that LOL stands for lots of love!).  I've continued arranging and organizing my craftroom, and, boy, what a job it is!  Here are a couple more ideas and items that have helped along the way.  Above is a Pirelli carrier with 6 openings big enough to hold large Kerr jars full of beads.  I found them for less than $5 at Ross's.  The bad thing is Ross's changes its inventory often, and the only place online that I could find that carries these is choiceful.com.  With shipping, four of them cost about 50.00, but they are so sturdy and very much worth it! 

I found one of those three slot mail storage things that used to be so popular.  I found a fun crackle paint method on the web and used it here.  First you paint the item whatever color you want to show through the "cracks."  Let it dry.  Next slather a thickish layer of Elmer's glue all over your first layer of paint, then while the glue is still wet, paint it with your final color.  The glue makes the final layer of paint crack as it dries.  This method worked as well as any crackling product I've used,  The slot of the mail-keeper are nice and deep, and to my surprise, lots fit into them...and it turned out so cute. (Much better than it looks in the picture).
The bar that it is hanging from and the baskets were bought a long time ago at IKEA.  I bought four bars, several little baskets and some plastic cups with a lip that hang from these.  I was pleased at how much fit into them, leaving quite a bit of room on my shelves.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yo! Bunnycat! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you!

Isn't this picture adorable that I got from The Graphics Fairy?  That's me in the middle, trying to fit in with my little bunny gloves and slippers on. I can't believe they got this kitty to hold still enough to dress and take a ride with the rabbits!
Well, Happy Easter to ya'!  Didn't we just take down the Christmas tree?  In fact, I saw an old, dried up one in someone's driveway the other day.  They really must have liked Christmas to keep that fire hazard in their house for so long!  I plan to make lasagna for my family today.  I hope you get to spend time with your loved ones on this blessed day.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More junquing with junquey junque

I've been rearranging my craft room with the help of a few imaginative ideas that I've seen around and modified to meet my own needs.  The first is this metal tray that I bought from Abode.  It had a little sign on it that said, "Shabby, not scabby."  Funny!  It was only about 4.00 and I used magnets to hold a few of my projects.
Next, I used a simple wire hanger and plastic clothespins to hang my newly created masks.  One hanger went a long way, but  I also made very good use of a mult-tiered hanger for trousers.
Finally, I found this darling napkin holder with a fancy little rooster years ago at Thrift Town.  I've had it for years, but thought it would be a great holder for my hot glue gun.  I have a wooden glue gun holder, but guess what?  This napkin holder really did the trick because it is deep, wide and strong.
See?  I'm really trying to use what I already have even if it has to stretch my imagination a little bit.  Actually, that is one of the best parts about re-using.
I would also really like to thank Donna of Funky Junk's SNS for helping me learn how to link a post to another blog.  She just lost her sweet mom, so I can't believe she troubled herself with my small needs. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Play Date Cafe Challenge #23

Something different.  I covered plastic eggs in yellowed ledger paper--papier mache style--then rolled them in silver paint and fine gold glitter while still wet.  After drying I tied them uyp with ribbon and set them in a basket with mom and dad bird.  Dad perched on a cream colored candle with some help from the hot glue gun.  I usually work in very bright colors, but I liked working with the various shaded of blue here.  The ladies at PDC boost my confidence with their very sweet comments on everything I've done so far.  They spend a lot of time and effort spreading their love and it is appreciated!