Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shabby Rose Pendants

After creating several of the shabby roses that you can see in a former tutorial post, I had the idea of making these into necklaces and earrings.  They turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!  A local craftstore was closing, to my chagrin, so I bought a lot of my materials on closeout.  The bases are made of flat wooden disks.  I got a rather large bag with three different sizes, and each works well as a base.  First, I glued some tulle scraps and some cute leaves in strategic positions, then the tulle spirals.  On the back of the wooden disk, I glued a flat gold charm through which to loop your chain. 
You can find these on Etsy. 
Oh, and I still have glass pendants to send to the next two people who sign up as a follower!  I am so excited that one I have given away went to a lady in Slovakia. 


  1. These are simply stunning! I love the colors and textures, and I adore the vintage look!

  2. I love the colors. You have some skills.

  3. They are beautiful--so vintage looking! Thanks so much for linking up to my Under $100 party.