Tuesday, April 6, 2010

JWJJ The Sequel

JWJJ stands for junquing with junquey junk for those of you who are not into all the text messaging abbreviations. (I still think that LOL stands for lots of love!).  I've continued arranging and organizing my craftroom, and, boy, what a job it is!  Here are a couple more ideas and items that have helped along the way.  Above is a Pirelli carrier with 6 openings big enough to hold large Kerr jars full of beads.  I found them for less than $5 at Ross's.  The bad thing is Ross's changes its inventory often, and the only place online that I could find that carries these is choiceful.com.  With shipping, four of them cost about 50.00, but they are so sturdy and very much worth it! 

I found one of those three slot mail storage things that used to be so popular.  I found a fun crackle paint method on the web and used it here.  First you paint the item whatever color you want to show through the "cracks."  Let it dry.  Next slather a thickish layer of Elmer's glue all over your first layer of paint, then while the glue is still wet, paint it with your final color.  The glue makes the final layer of paint crack as it dries.  This method worked as well as any crackling product I've used,  The slot of the mail-keeper are nice and deep, and to my surprise, lots fit into them...and it turned out so cute. (Much better than it looks in the picture).
The bar that it is hanging from and the baskets were bought a long time ago at IKEA.  I bought four bars, several little baskets and some plastic cups with a lip that hang from these.  I was pleased at how much fit into them, leaving quite a bit of room on my shelves.

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