Monday, April 12, 2010

Ooga Booga Fairy Princess Wands

There is one phrase I can use to drive my adult children mad.  Ooga-booga.  When they were young they always seemed to come up with requests impossible for me to fulfill.  Example: One-half hour before dinner the conversation would go this way:
Raggamuffin: Mommy, my tummy hurts because it is so hungry.
Mommy Dearest:Well, dinner's almost ready.
RM: My tummy can't wait!
(This is where I would pull out my fairy wand loaded with fairy dust and chant)
MD: Ooga-Booga.
I thought this worked since they would stop crying and look at me like I lost my mind, but they were really building up resentment and focusing it upon the magic words, "Ooga-booga."  There is this little devil inside of me that likes to say this just to get a rise out of my adult kids to this day!
You, too, can have a fairy wand and recite these powerful magic words.  My wands are now for sale on e-bay.  Believe me, they are a mother's best friend.  (Or maybe you would just like to buy them as party favors.  Just sayin').
These are made, once again, with the famous plastic padded placemats, hot glue glitter, along with whatever decorative paper and meaningful embellishments that you choose.