Monday, April 26, 2010

Paper Flower Wreath

On the blog , there is a tutorial on how to make a wonderful painted paper towel wreath.  I can't believe how many comments this gal has gotten over how fabulous her creation is!  I had to try it, too, but gave it my own twist.  I used white v-shaped coffee filters and melted various crayon colors on them and then sprinkled part with crystalline glitter.  The rest I painted with pink and red water colors.  After drying, I cut the paper into six-petaled flowers of various sizes.  I also through in some burlap flowers like Nicole.  I glued the paper flowers together using hot glue and adhered a large adhesive gem in the centers.  I covered the dollar store wreath with burlap and then glued the flowers on the burlap.
I put the wreath around a ceramic vase I have that used to have a wreath of autumn colors around it.  The change is refreshing! I still want to try to use paper towels like Nicole did, but melting the crayons is always fun, too.


  1. I like this! at first glance I thought that the burlap flowers were made from pages out of a book. I like the look. It is nice and spring like!

  2. Those colors are fabulous! I love it! Fantastic job! :)

  3. This is absolutely lovely. I love how bright and cheerful it is. Melted crayons are such a fun medium to work with as are coffee filters.

    Isn't it nice to see so many of us making beauty with common things again; my Nana would be proud.

    Thank you so much for taking my idea and running with it - you did a really great job!