Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi, My Name is Jo and I'm a Hypocrite!

One of my pet peeves is watching someone cook, paint, or demonstrate messy activities on tv in beautiful clothes without wearing an apron.  I think to myself: Katy is going to drag that sleeve right through that turquoise paint!...or....C'mon, Lidia, you don't want olive oil spots on that silk blouse!.... Oh, no! Martha is going to get her chain caught in that embossing machine and choke herself!  But, it NEVER happens.  They end the show as pristine looking as they started.  Even their hands are clean. 
Not me.  As I've written before, I live in a land of gitter...and now, of stains.  I've ruined my final good pair of jeans!  Can we say (or spell) HYPOCRITE?  I wasn't wearing an apron. The minute I caught my hot glue gun in midair and gave myself a nasty burn on my left middle finger, my first thought was to my jeans.  I saw the glitter glue arc in front of me and land in my lap.  Didn't burn me there, thank God, but I knew that was going to leave a mark.  Then, my finger began to hurt.  I haven't been able to use my hand for two days.  I have never had such a deep blister that hurt so bad!  But, my jeans!  My beautiful jeans are ruined!
Why wasn't I wearing an apron?  Well, I craft off and on all day.  If I want to be protected I'd have to wear the ugly thing all day.  I got it at The DownEast Outfitters in West Valley.  It is a horrific yellow and it has the name Rosalinda embroidered on it.   That's why I bought it.  It's ok to stain the thing.  If it was pretty I would like it better but wouldn't wear it because I would ruin it.  There is just no winning...unless you are the proud mother of the above baby who is wearing a wig to protect his wee head.  Isn't he?


  1. Can you take a hot iron to your jeans with a paper towel between them? Maybe that would get some of it off. You could also paint your jeans, Make them into something you might find in a fancy boutique, somewhere, not in Utah. Maybe just a few flowers, here and there, or sew a crop of buttons over the area you want to cover. or put some shabby rose pins over the spot when you where them. I guess that would all depend on EXACTLY where your stain is LOL

  2. ho my goodness, you're so funny. I've ruined sooo many clothes too during my crafting episodes and "I just got home from work and I'm too tired to change clothes, I'll just fry this chicken and extend my arm as far as I can" episodes.

  3. Aunt Jo!!!! You are a crack up!! When not at school I watch cooking shows most of the day thinking the same thing!! I am SO proud of you for creating this blog!! I also saw your great art on Etsy!! I LOVE YOU!!! Keep doing what you love and rock at!!

  4. I simply dress like a slob constantly in case I get to work in the studio. Its a sad look for me, to have all my clothes spattered and painted and glued and glittered, even on days when I don't step foot in the studio!

  5. thus is the life of an artist ;) I do the same thing all the time ;)

  6. Oh my gosh, I just cracked up at this post!
    My fav:
    "Oh, no! Martha is going to get her chain caught in that embossing machine and choke herself!"

    I love that you think things like that - I do to! SO funny!

    The only reason I still have my one (ONE) unstained pair of jeans is because I live in my pj's. Not a single pair of jammy pants is without bleach splatters. Every Single Time I bleach my sink I get splashed. But I always think "this time it won't happen".

    And I don't even want to talk about the paint spots. Oy.

    Hope your hand is better! Ouchy!