Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It is interesting to me that before you begin a new endeavor you never hear about (or pay attention to) all the elements that are involved. I am mostly learning about blogging from navigating to interesting blogs that I have been referred to by friends or through crafting/journaling/blogging magazines (notice how many "ings" I used in the last 2 sentences!). A great magazine to help on the way to great blogging is Artful Blogging. The magazine features successful bloggers, tips, and great photos and artwork. The magazine itself is a work of art.
Bloggers are so willing to share their craft ideas as well as details about their lives. They are open books, kinda' like I am. I have nothing to hide although my thought process is a little darker than most. THANK YOU, EDGAR ALLAN POE!
On a former student and friend's blog I found "The Cutest Blog on the Block.com". What fun! The free backgrounds are very easy to download in place of the slightly boring ones provided by Blogspot. One thing that wasn't in the instructions that made the process much easier was to first change your existing template to the Minima template. After that the instructions were easy and the results were nice and more colorful. Like I like it!

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