Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old is the new black

I just found the cutest shop in Salt Lake City! It is call Solo on Eleventh and has all kinds of eclectic, fun merchandise. Laurie, one of the owners, is upbeat, creative, and friendly, and made it so easy for me to take in some of my stuff to ask her to sell for me. She made me feel wonderful as she took EVERY sample I brought. If you want to buy any of my pendants, necklaces, bags or refurbished wood items....drop by 1597 S. 1100E.
I love that they accept old items that are perfectly good but would otherwise sit in a corner gathering dust or eventually be throw out. Too many things go to the dumps that have great life in them still.
I am trying to reuse, keep in use, or refurbish items rather than buy new. I have never been one for expensive items or brand names, but have loved the feeling of buying new items. No more! Have you ever seen how many perfectly fine purses, coats, books, etc. wind up in thrift stores? Why should I ever HAVE to buy new when I can buy nice items that have had hardly any use for CHEAP. Also, many items in the thrift stores can be upgraded to look even better than before. I love to clean up a purse and then paint designs on it. An old mirror can be spiced up by modpodging favorite pictures around the glass. Almost any old surface has become a canvas for me; the Virgin Mary, Freida Kahlo, Mexican art and vintage girls are some of my favorite subjects. I have also taken some vintage jewelry I found at an estate sale and have added them to the dicarded parts of the silverware I love to recycle. Keep following this blog and my etsy store at to see some of these items.

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