Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Talk with your mouth closed!

I haven't had time to craft, blog, do housework, exercise lately because I've been babysitting my poor, very swollen daughter who had oral surgery. Her mouth swelled almost shut and the family got really talented at understanding her muffled pleas for food, water, movies....you know, the essentials of life.

Early on I realized she had a real talent for ventriloquism. It"s easy to say things like "I like to ski" with your teeth clenched and a smile on your face, but try saying "I'm in the mood for a bean burrito." It becomes "I'n in da nude tor a dean dorrito." "I want to watch a movie" becomes "I nant to nach a nudie." What??????

This becomes a fun parlor game. Try it! Just replace m with n, b with d, f with t, p with t, w with v, etc.

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