Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gambling ghostie

I love that every now and then my grown children want to, I mean really want to, spend some time with me. One of the things my oldest daughter likes to do is take me to Wendover, Nev., just to cash in the free rooms and meals that we are sent in the mail, and to play the penny slots for an evening. I can't stand to waste money, so I usually take along about 20.00 and that has always kept me busy for a couple of hours and all I risk losing is the 20.00 I came with.

We went this weekend and I came home with 50.00 more than I went with. I have to send out props to a little ghostie who was watching me play. I kept seeing this elderly man standing about 4 or five feet away from me. I smiled at him initially, looked away, looked back...and he was gone. Hmmmmm. After that I kept feeling someone watching me and could see someone out of the corner of my eye, but didn't see anything when I looked at him full-on. I had a great time, though, and maybe the ghostie sent me some luck since I never win big.

The ghostie, though, doesn't seem to be that lucky. How boring to have to haunt a smoky casino. Yuck! I can take a couple of hours there, but to have to watch people mindlessly feed money to machines 24/7 would drive me crazy. If God forgets to pick me up when I "go," I would like to haunt a craftstore. I could take all the new products off the shelves and use their backrooms to create works of absolute beauty since money would be no object. I would leave my work out in the open and freak everyone out. "Where did that come from?" they would ask. Then someone would calmly answer, "Well, it must be from our ghostie. We don't know her name, so we call her "Ruby." I like the name Ruby.

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  1. I am enjoying a good chuckle reading your blog :) good way to spend a sat morning!