Thursday, February 4, 2010

Medicated people are funny!

Today I babysat my grown daughter who had to have extensive oral surgery as the result of 4 impacted wisdom teeth, 2 of which were sitting on nerves. The procedure was quick, but the daughter I saw after the surgery didn't resemble the one that went into surgery. She looked like she had been through the war and then was given happy pills to forget it all. I got a glimpse of my daughter as a "special person." Her hair was a mess, eyes glassy, and she was smiling crazily with just her upper teeth. She also kept dropping the "F" bomb. The words were almost unitelligible, and the little nurse kept leaning forward to hear her. She scampered away when my daughter asked for a pen and wrote the bad word down for her!

Revenge is sweet, they say. My kids have always made fun of me for the crazy things I have said and done after the couple of surgeries I've had. Now I have ammo against at least one of them! Next time this one tells about the time I thought my heart monitor's beeps were signals that "The baked potatoes are ready!", I'll spill the beans about how she thought everyone was looking at her on the way home from the surgeon's office because she thought she looked like our toothless dog, Lola.

I wish I was mean enough to post one of the cell phone photos she kept taking of herself and sending off to her friends, but I'll keep them for myself. I couldn't bear to have her pictured on the web with a cartoon style bandage from under her chin to the top of her head...and a special smile using just her upper teeth. Poor little baby!

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