Saturday, February 13, 2010

School Marm Reality Show

Wow, have I had a busy week! I have gotten a small job teaching Spanish speaking restaurant workers how to speak English. I have begun volunteering one night a week for an after-school homework program, and I have begun selling my wares in a local gift shop. The owners took everything that I brought to them-and I took a lot of things thinking they would pick and choose what they liked. I also spoke at a local high school for a career class.

I've been having fun and it's a nice change from watching Judge Judy almost daily. Imagine if a teacher spoke to her students the was Judge Judy talks to both the plaintiffs and defendants who come before her. Instead of soothing Johnny when he gives a wrong answer, the teacher could yell, "You're an idiot! I don't care how you came to that conclusion. My little finger has more smarts than you have in your whole body. I'll bet your mom is ashamed of you, and you had better not bring any children into this world, Mister!" I kinda' wanted to talk to my junior high school students that way last year...maybe I could get my own tv show, too--"Teacher Jo Tells It Like It Is."


  1. I am so glad you never talked to us like that!!
    What after school homework program are you working with?

  2. What do you mean? She spoke that way to me all the time! She didnt to you???? WHAT????

  3. Look at you keeping busy. I think it's great.

    I don't know if I can imagine you being mean like Judge Judy though.

  4. Hi Stacey and Rachael! You were such good girls that I NEVER had to raise my voice at you. In fact NO ONE at VCS was ever that bad (Or is my mind clouded by only good memories?) But Meagan is right, I think I'm tough but I'm really a whimp! Judge Judyisms make me cry. I love all ya' alls. Stacey, I'm working for Pastor Alfred Murillo.