Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Must. Craft.

Hi. One thing I've discovered lately is that not everything about crafting comes easily to me. Don't get me wrong....I love getting paint on my new jeans (not), dirtying my fingernails so badly that people wonder if I'm a mechanic, and being followed around by two little chihuahuas covered in splotches of glue and glitter. These little things don't bother me. Taking pictures of my wares does!! I am a crappy photographer. Or maybe I need a much more expensive and fancy camera. I spent the weekend setting up my projects on various colored backgrounds in various lights. Agghhhh! I need to spend some time learning how to shoot without blurs, glares and orbs over my handicrafts. Sometimes I luck out and get it right, but I don't know how I did it. See top example as compared to bottom. What to do...What to do. I guess I will hit the web to see if there are any suggestions. I thought this was going to be easy!!!

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