Saturday, January 23, 2010

Parting with my art

I have been reading lots of magazines about blogging and dropping in on other peoples' blogs to get ideas about how they go. Often they are used to share ideas about new craft ideas, storage and organization ideas, how to sell your products, as well as giving personal information so that you learn a lot about the inner lives of the people who are posting. I am enjoying peeking into others' lives and creativity.

Here's an idea I had about presenting my art to the local craft stores or displaying my art at stores and craft fairs, boutiques, etc: The ironing board! Yes! The nicely padded surface of the ironing board in addition to the sometimes vintage looking covers seems like the perfect place on which to store, categorize and display my products. I love my work even if no one else does, and I guess that is what scares me about parting with it to stores. What if nobody likes my creations? I guess it shouldn't matter because I get so much pleasure from almost every aspect of the creative process.

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