Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Take out your binkie and read!

I went to a wonderful Saturday market whose review you can link up to at  There were some great bargains and ideas there and among other things I found a sweet vintage children's book called My Picture Book of Songs by Dalton, Ashton, and Young. And, yes, I committed the sacrilege of cutting the book up to make a journal.  I found an awesome 30 page blank journal at my local Big Lots for $2.00, and reinforced the binding with waxed linen thread.  Then, I chose a book of craft papers that I felt went along with the books colors and childhood themes, some lettering ephemera, glue and scissors and took it all outside and put together what I call a "conversation book" for a little boy.  Each page has a picture, a scrap of music, and a bit of lined paper on which the parent and child can add text, little photos, or clip art.  My hope is that the book would become a favorite because it can be personalized, and there are many subjects within to talk about. I'm going to give it away at a shower for a baby boy.  I hope he and his parents get many hours of pleasure from it, and that his comments written in it will make for good memories.


  1. Thanks darling - I love your blog and I am adding you to our best loved list. What a fun book you created!!

  2. I like this.
    Hey I was wondering if you could refer me to a site that I could get some good pics of a vintage nature, I want something with a woman stepping in or out of a bath naked or not? I really like pin up girls... shhh don't tell! But I was thinking more along the lines of 1800's mid to late. I want to print it and put it in the middle of a wreath in my bathroom. I have decided I want my bathroom to be olivy green and antique black and white. can you direct me?
    thanks tons, Love ya, S

  3. I LOVE your wonderful idea. I am having a girl so now you need to make a girl one!!! ;)

  4. Oh I'm lovin it so my style! i love all my vintage goodies tucked away here and there and I sure would love a friend like you to look through any of my hidden treasures! I'll be in Salt Lake June 23 - July 7th maybe we can meet?
    Hugs, Diane