Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Words: My First Love

As a lover of art, I discovered early how to paint with words as well as with other mediums. This is one of the first serious poems I wrote.

Wiled Away

Winter's a highborn lady
Dressed in furs of white.
Icy, hushed, and elegant:
Wings too cold for flight.

Spring is a young lass
Shaking out bright curls.
She turns pink cheek and blue eyes
On a color-hungry world.

Summer is a vixen
Showing shoulder bare.
Green leaf and bird song:
Her woman arts are fair.

Autumn's a Spanish dancer-
A sunset wild on fire!
Bronzed and fey,
She twirls and spins:
Too soon she goes away.

They board a Gypsy wagon,
One maiden at a time,
And blow a kiss
Down the ribbon road
To the one they've left behind.

Jo Lucero

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