Sunday, July 25, 2010

Broken Computer Blues

Loose Sparrow Arts n Crafts has been off the beaten blog trail for over a month because of a computer bug, then complete blowout,  for over a month.   I doubt if I've been missed and guess I'll go eat worms.  When I was finally able to log back on to my beloved blog, my background had mysteriously disappeared.  I guess I missed The Cutest Blog on the Block's warnings.  Let me tell you-redesigning my blog was a royal pain in the you know where!  Especially hard was getting my blog header picture and title centered.  After hours of effort I found out by googling "Centering titles in Blogger" all the headings will  automatically align the left in the Blogger program.  I finally experimented (I felt like Edison-countless failures before the light went on) and discovered that if the title pic measured 100pixels length and 965 pixels width, the picture would fit.  It  looks distorted through: the 100 pound bathing beauties look like they have taken the winter off and gained about 50 pounds, but the gals are still cute and more relevant to how "real women" look (or at least to how I look and I 'm somewhat relevant, I think).  For the time I'm happy with the new set-up, but would have liked better to keep the old.  Maybe I will keep working on it after I catch up with nearly 3 pages of junk email that I also missed.  Excuse please the irrelevant post picture, but all my Corel saved photos, art, etc., flew off to lost computer program heaven.  Enjoy instead a photo of a little angel baby who I have the pleasure of foster grandmothering.

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  1. i love the new photo in the header! Love the blog background as well. AdnYes I have missed you but the last few weeks have been busy and I just didn't have time to know it! lol Love you