Monday, June 7, 2010

Rest in Pieces

(Outside the Frostop)
My poor husband had had it at work (and at home) and decided we should take a long weekend road trip.  We once passed through a town named Ashton in Idaho and had stayed in a cute cabin and so we decided to head that way.  The town on first glimpse looks a little boring, but had hidden treasures. One was the Frostop Drive In that was really the most adorable and delicious diner.
We followed the river road there and saw tons of beautiful wildlife: bald eagles, bluebirds, yellow and orange tanager birds, deer, etc.  It was so lovely, we went two days in a row.  The third day we went into Montana to search for antique stores (great ones in Driggs) and to Virginia City.  What a great old West ghost town turned into a boutique and museum heaven!  In the window of one museum were the items found behind an old wall.  Note the mouse mummy!
We ate at a yummy cafe/antique store where the owner told us about the local hauntings.  She said a lady with "the vision" from NY told her that the strange sound of a bell that they were always hearing was from the ghost of a little girl who rides her little bicycle back and forth inside of her store.  GULP!  Above the town are two Boot Hill Cemetaries.  The first one contains the bodies of 5 outlaws road agents who were hung inside one of the buildings inside the city.  I found miniature cemetary off to the side reserved for mouse outlaw  rodent agents!  Someone shares my cracked sense of humor.

We had a great time, my husband is no longer knocking the hats off passerbys (read Moby Dick for reference) and I would highly recommend traveling into Idaho and Montana for a great time!


  1. That last mouse "tombstone" is my fav! Trespassing, Embezzelment and Hazardous Defeccation! I am rolling!

    Ooo, ghosts... no thank you! GULP indeed!

    Today is a great day for pigs! LOL!

  2. BTW, Moby Dick is my least favorite book of all time. We had to do a HUGE project on it in Honors English. (Why did I have to tell you it was an Honors class? Over half a lifetime ago and I'm "bragging" about high school Honors? SO SAD.) I was never one to read Cliff Notes (it always seemed like cheating) but Moby Dick = Cliff Notes without a second thought. Oh how I LOATHED that book! We spent half a semester on that dratted novel. UGH. *gets heartburn just thinking about it*

    Total tangent there, sorry.

  3. Ooooh my!!
    I think this is a clever blog and very sad for those mice or rats tooooo!! he he!! to funny that someone got that creative with the mini cemetery.

    My daughter has a fondness for mice, her squeaky voice when she was a little girl gave her a nick name Hannah mouse :)

    Thank you for your comment on my bird plates dinnerware.
    I too have a bit of a phobia of birds if the swoop down at me or fly fast around me...the little ones not so much, I don't want to hold them but my daughter was the care taker of them as she would rescue them if they would hit the window and fall from a nest.

    See you soon at my place or yours.


  4. Sometimes you just need to get away from the "rat race" or maybe go see mummified rats. The little mouse graveyard was cute!!! Thanks for the comment on my Modge Podge project. Your Modge Podge project inspired me! I am now a huge fan of the stuff. Hope you are having a great week!